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Splashbacks are panels of material that are usually found in kitchens and bathrooms. They’re most often used behind sinks and hobs to protect the wall from damage caused by splashing liquids. As well as being a functional part of any kitchen or bathroom, they are also an opportunity to add a bit of style.

Need a new splashback for your kitchen or bathroom? We’ll help you choose one that will protect your walls and improve the appearance of your home. We also provide splashbacks to commercial and trade customers. Get in touch with JMT today to find out more about our kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. Give us a call on 01228 791909 to find out now.

What are the benefits of a splashback?

There are a few different types of splashback that you can get. Each material has its own distinct benefits. Splashbacks can be made in glass, acrylic, granite, marble, metal and more depending on what you want.

Splashback benefits that are present regardless of what material you opt for include:

Wall protection - this is the main purpose of a splashback. With one in place, the wall underneath will remain unscathed no matter how messy things might get. They also protect walls from damage that can be caused by steam.

Easy to clean - this is more true for some materials rather than others. But regardless of what kind of splashback you choose, it will be less of a chore to clean than the wall underneath. You’ll be able to clean most splashbacks with a simple wipe.

Stylish - because of the range of materials splashbacks are available in, you can get one to suit whatever style of kitchen or bathroom you have. If you have a brighter kitchen, coloured glass splashbacks are perfect and help make colour a main focus of your kitchen. In bathrooms you can even have a glass splashback that doubles as a mirror.

When it comes to splashbacks, you may want to choose something to match the rest of the room or something to make it stand out as a feature. Whether that means an acrylic kitchen splashback is for you or a tiled splashback for your bathroom, we’ll help you get what you want.

A popular choice in kitchens is a splashback that matches your worktops, this creates a seamless effect and can work especially well if you want a simple style. Even if you’re not sure what you want, we can help you work out what will fit with the style of your room. So you can get splashbacks that are both effective and easy on the eye.

Why get splashbacks from JMT?

Because we pride ourselves on offering products that are simply something else. We’ll make a bespoke splashback for your kitchen or bathroom that’s unique to you.

After you get in touch JMT will arrange a free visit, we’ll come by to measure up and discuss with you what you want. Then we’ll work out the best way to give you the splashback you want within your budget and calculate a no-obligation quote.

Don’t need us to fit the splashback for you? Whether you’re a joiner, distributor or property developer, JMT also supplies splashbacks to trade and commercial customers. For trade customers home visits and measuring up are not necessary, simply give us the relevant measurements you have already taken and we’ll give you a quote without those costs included.

So, if your old splashback is no longer fit for purpose, or you want to jazz up your kitchen with a new one, we’ll help.  At JMT we’ll guide you through every step of the process, from helping you decide what’s best for your home, to creating your custom made splashback and fitting it. With over 40 years’ experience under our belt, you can rest assured we know what we’re doing. Get in touch today to arrange a home visit (within 50 miles of Carlisle) to discuss your new kitchen or bathroom splashbacks. Give us a call on 01228 791909 to speak sooner.