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Calling All Kitchen Fitters, Joiners and Builders: How Are Trades Supercharging Their Profit Margins Without Increasing Their Prices? 


It’s no secret… We’re all seeing a spike in costs… 


Everything from:

Raw materials


Shipping and delivery


And because of the price increase and inflation… 


It’s going to start affecting revenue and profits… 


Which of course then puts a strain on the business, leaving you with some tough decisions to make, such as:


"Do I increase my prices and potentially lose my business to a competitor?"




"Do I suck it up, take the hit, and hope I get more business to make up for it?"


Look... Neither scenario is ideal.


But what if there was a 3rd option?...


An option that allows you to plug your business into a fully equipped and systemised manufacturer who would work with you to help boost profits. 


So that you no longer have to rely on the bigger suppliers with their limited ranges, and products.


…Whilst still having to deal with their fluctuating prices and then contending with their long lead times… 


Introducing the JMT Trade Partner E2E System 


The E2E System will not only help increase profit margins, but it will give you an end to end business partnership that will keep your jobs on time, on schedule and within budget. 


So who is JMT Trade Ltd anyway?… 


And why would you want to partner up with us? 


JMT Trade Ltd is a family owned firm who specialises in designing, manufacturing and building bespoke, high quality kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. 


We can take any design, of any size, of any colour, and put into production faster than you can say;


 “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”


Our end to end business model will give you everything the bigger companies can’t offer such as:





Bespoke design


Customised products 

Price transparency 

Good communication

Shorter lead times 

Faster delivery 

And much much more… 


But that’s not all…


You see, we can also supply you with accessories such as ovens, fridges, freezers, hobs, kitchen appliances, handles, hinges, and worktops… 


And look, that’s just the kitchen side of things… 


Remember, we also do bedrooms and bathrooms, so we can help you there too. 


No more shopping around for the best prices, because we’ll either match them or beat them. 


You won’t have to use 3-4 suppliers just to get one job done either, because we have all that you need under one roof.


And here’s the best part…


When you become a JMT Trade Partner, you’ll never have to squeeze into your margins like a pair of tight, skinny jeans… 


Because when you use our E2E System you can be assured that not only will you enjoy healthier, profitable, margins…


…But as a trade partner, we’ll work with you every step of the way, to ensure you’re getting the service and products you and your customers deserve. 


For more information on our E2E system, and how to become a JMT Trade Partner,  Get in Touch now by filling in the form below.