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Welcome to our collection of inset sinks, a versatile choice for every kitchen.

Inset sinks, also known as drop-in or top-mount sinks, are designed to be installed directly into a pre-cut hole in your countertop, making them a straightforward, fuss-free option for kitchen updates or renovations.

The exposed edges provide a traditional look that can blend seamlessly with various kitchen styles, from classic to contemporary.

Available in a range of materials, from hard-wearing stainless steel to heat-resistant ceramic and stylish composite materials, our inset sinks offer both function and form.

Browse therough our our selection below to find the perfect inset sink that suits your taste.

What Are Insert Sinks?

Inset sinks, also known as drop-in or top-mount sinks, are a type of kitchen sink designed to be installed from above, with the rim of the sink resting on the countertop.

They're called "inset" because they are set into the countertop's hole cut-out, with the lip of the sink sitting flush against the counter surface.

They are quite popular due to their relatively easy installation process, compatibility with all types of countertop materials, which makes them a lot more affordable.

Inset sinks can be made from a variety of materials, including stainless steel, composite, ceramic, and more. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles to fit any kitchen design.

However, when choosing an inset sink, it's worth noting that while inset sinks provide convenience and flexibility, they don't deliver the same seamless look as undermount sinks, where the countertop flows directly into the sink.

Inset sinks also have a lip that can catch crumbs and debris, making them slightly less easy to clean compared to undermount models.

When choosing between an inset and undermount sink, considerations should include your budget, countertop material, kitchen design, and personal preference.

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What Are the Advantages of Inset Sinks for Kitchens?

The inset sinks are easier to fit than undermounted sinks which can also help reduce costs.

And speaking of cost, inset sinks are cheaper than undermounted so if you’re looking for a budget friendly sink then the inset sink is for you.

What is the Difference Between an Inset and Undermount Kitchen Sink?

Undermount and inset (or drop-in) kitchen sinks represent two distinct styles of sink installation, each with its own set of benefits and aesthetics.

  1. Undermount Sinks: As explained earlier, undermount sinks are installed directly under the countertop. The edge of the countertop overhangs the sink, hiding it from view when you're looking directly down. This creates a seamless and sleek look that is often associated with modern or minimalist kitchen designs. It also allows for easy cleanup, as debris can be wiped directly into the sink without getting caught on a lip. However, undermount sinks require solid countertop materials like stone or quartz, and cannot be used with laminate or tile countertops.
  2. Inset (Drop-In) Sinks: On the other hand, inset sinks, also known as drop-in sinks or top-mount sinks, are installed from above the countertop. They have a rim that sits on top of the counter, making them compatible with all types of countertop materials, including laminate and tile. Installation is generally easier and less expensive than undermount sinks. The visible edge of the sink can be seen sitting above the countertop, which might not give as sleek a look as an undermount sink, but it can add a traditional or classic touch to your kitchen.

Choosing between an undermount and an inset sink will depend on your aesthetic preferences, your budget, and the type of countertop you have or plan to install.

How Much Do Inset Sinks Cost?

Like we mentioned earlier, inset sinks are generally cheaper than undermount sinks.

Prices range depending on the size and finish you’d like.

For example the Blade range which sells for around £323 offers a nice sleek and contemporary finish in colours like, black, champagne, grey, mocha and many more.

Whereas the Razor Duo which is handmade satin finished sink combined with one full sink, a half sink and large draining board comes in at £879.

Ultimately it depends on what you’re looking for and how much you’d like to spend.

We offer a wide range of inset sinks that sit anywhere between these two price ranges.

Can You Deliver Anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we can deliver your inset kitchen sink anywhere in the UK.

If you need to know the time and cost of delivery, please feel free to contact us on the details below.

What is the Best Way to Find Out More?

The best thing to do is to get in touch so we can understand exactly what you need and then give you a price that matches your requirements and your budget.

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