Board Material Finish

The below images are sample finishes our Cabinet Units can be made in, we also offer these finishes in our made to measure Netherby Door and panel range.  Here you are able to order sample colours to decide in your home the chosen finish.

*Please note All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions.  Colour-matching decor selection only possible on the original sample

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Alabaster U104ST2 - Sample

Alabaster U104ST2 - Sample£5.00

Black Havana Pine H3081ST22 - Sample

Black Havana Pine H3081ST22 - Sample£5.00

Black U999ST2 - Sample

Black U999ST2 - Sample£5.00

Cashmere U702ST9 - Sample

Cashmere U702ST9 - Sample£5.00

Demim Blue U540ST9 - Sample

Demim Blue U540ST9 - Sample£5.00

Dust Grey U708ST9 - Sample

Dust Grey U708ST9 - Sample£5.00

Ellmau Beech H3303ST10 -Sample

Ellmau Beech H3303ST10 -Sample£5.00

Fjord Green U636ST9 - Sample

Fjord Green U636ST9 - Sample£5.00

Graphite Grey U961ST2 - Sample

Graphite Grey U961ST2 - Sample£5.00

Grey Bardalino Oak H1146ST10 - Sample

Grey Bardalino Oak H1146ST10 - Sample£5.00

Grey Nebraska H3332ST10 - Sample

Grey Nebraska H3332ST10 - Sample£5.00

Light Grey U708ST9 - Sample

Light Grey U708ST9 - Sample£5.00

Light Sorano Oak H1334ST9 - Sample

Light Sorano Oak H1334ST9 - Sample£5.00

Natural Hamilton Oak H3303ST10 - Sample

Natural Hamilton Oak H3303ST10 - Sample£5.00

Pebble Grey U201ST9 - Sample

Pebble Grey U201ST9 - Sample£5.00

Porcelain White W1200ST9 - Sample

Porcelain White W1200ST9 - Sample£5.00

Premium White W1000ST9 - Sample

Premium White W1000ST9 - Sample£5.00

Silver Grey U765ST14 - Sample

Silver Grey U765ST14 - Sample£5.00

Titanium F501ST2 - Sample

Titanium F501ST2 - Sample£5.00

White Havana Pine H3078ST22 - Sample

White Havana Pine H3078ST22 - Sample£5.00

Page 1 of 1:    20 Items