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Egger Worktops Range

Egger Contemporary Worktops in a Range of Sizes and Styles

The EGGER Worktops Collection 2022 offers an exciting and versatile range of high quality and durable laminate worktops.

From walnut to oak and concrete to marble, there is a finish to suit every interior including kitchens, bathrooms, offices and retail.

The Egger's 38mm post-formed range has 24 decors in woodgrains and material reproductions.

Six of these decors are also available in our elegant 16mm square edge worktops.

Four Feelwood oak decors are available in 38mm square edge and six material reproductions in 25mm square edge.

You can browse through all the options below or contact us if you need some help and advice.

Why Should You Choose Egger for Your Worktops? What Makes Them Special?

Egger worktops are one of the most popular brands of kitchen worktops in the UK.

The Egger worktop range gives your kitchen that high polished and contemporary finish with its 24 different types of decor in wood grain such as walnut and oak as well as a nice stone finish in marble or concrete.

Whatever finish you decide, the Egger worktop will make your kitchen really stand out.

Can You Supply Egger Contemporary Worktops Anywhere in the UK?

Yes we can supply the Egger worktop range anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Due to the weight of the worktops, the cost delivery can vary depending on size and dimension.

Please feel free to get in touch for a detailed quote.

How Much Are Worktops Made by Egger?

Depending on design, texture and sizes, Egger worktops start from £120 up to £500 per sheet.

What if You Can’t Afford Anything Made by Egger?

With Egger being the premium brand and choice it can push price ranges a little further north than what you might want to spend.

Which is why we’ve created our very own premium range, which is very similar to the highly polished and contemporary look that Egger has but it’s less expensive.  

Click here to check our own JMT Trade, in-house range of budget kitchen worktops.

Can These Worktops be DIY Installed?

We recommend only installing these worktops yourself if you have experience fitting worktops.

We don’t advise fitting them if you don’t have the right tools, knowledge and experience.

With that said, yes a skilled DIY installer can install laminate Egger kitchen worktops.

What is Egger Laminate? Are All Their Worktops Laminated?

Egger laminate worktops are not only both versatile and hard wearing but also an eye catching worktop.

There’s a number of benefits to having a laminate worktop by Egger.

  • Abrasion, impact and scratch resistant.
  • Food safe, hygienic, lightfast, colourfast and stable.
  • Antibacterial surface properties in accordance with ISO 22196 (JIS Z 2801).

(All of Egger worktops are laminated as standard)

Can We Supply Egger’s Range of Worktops to Trade and Retail Supply Customers?

Yes we can supply both retail customers and to our trade partners.

If you want to become a trade partner you need to apply.

For more details please click here: