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Shower Trays

Hardwearing and in a great choice of sizes.

 What are the differences in shower trays?

The different ranges include stone resin, slate, acrylic, and steel. As well as a corner tray, a low profile or ultra slim finish tray

How Much Do Shower Trays Cost?

Price depends on the style, the size and finish. The more complex the more expensive it can be.

Can These Shower Trays be DIY Installed?

We wouldn’t advise you to install shower trays yourself. Generally, shower trays are a bit more complex and are not suitable for DIY installation. It is recommended that they should be installed by a professional plumber.

What Styles Do They Come In?

There are various styles of shower tray. You have the low profile which is a shallow shower tray, Ultra slim trays and anti slip trays which have a grippy finish to prevent slips, trips and falls.

What Are The Sizes Of Shower Trays?

Sizes vary depending on shape and style. For example; a corner shaped shower tray would be 1200mm x 800mm whereas a low profile shower tray would be 700mm x 700mm.

What Are Shower Trays Made Of?

Shower trays are usually made of stone resin, acrylic, or stainless steel. Traditionally a lot of people prefer the PVC material due to cost and ease of fitting.

What's the benefits to a shower tray rather than a wet room?

The benefits to a shower tray rather than a wet room are that it is easier to install, provides more safety, and prevents water from seeping into other areas of the bathroom.

What’s the best way to clean a shower tray?

Shower trays are pretty easy to clean and a good bathroom cleaner ought to do the trick. The best way to clean a shower tray is to use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

How To Seal A Shower Tray?

When sealing a shower tray, it’s always best to use a waterproof sealant.

Why are these Shower Trays so Cheap?

If you buy from the range listed above, you are buying our in-house range. And because you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, there’s no middlemen bumping up the price.

Can You Deliver Shower Trays Anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we can deliver your bath panels anywhere in the United Kingdom. If you need to know the time and cost of delivery, please feel free to contact us on the details below.


What is the Best Way to Find Out More?

The best thing to do is to get in touch so we can understand exactly what you need and then give you a price that matches your requirements and your budget.

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