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Cheap Replacement Kitchen Doors for Kitchen Cabinets

Simply click on the image and you can view some of our discounted replacement doors for kitchen cabinets available to purchase online

Choose the kitchen door range, along with your chosen colour and then you can build your brand new kitchen.

If you need any help please feel free to give us a call on 01228 791909 and we will be happy to assist you with your new kitchen doors.  Lead time on Doors are 10 - 14 Working Days.

Do You Sell Cheap Replacement Kitchen Doors Without the Units?

Yes, we do sell the kitchen doors without having to buy a full kitchen unit.

This is often the case with a lot of our customers.

The kitchen units are still in good condition, but the doors themselves have become damaged or dated, or they feel their kitchen needs a facelift.

This is why our replacement door selection has become very popular over the years.

Most of the range is in standard sizes, but we can also do bespoke and individual sizes as well as finishes such as our Netherby range and Netherby premium range.

How Much Do New Doors for Old Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

Prices depend on the sizes and finish you want for your replacement door.

Standard sizes in a regular finish will cost between £60 to £300.

If you want your replacement doors in the Netherby range, prices are between £30 to £200 per door.

If you upgraded your replacement doors to the Netherby Premium range, then doors cost between £150 and £500.

Why Are Your Replacement Kitchen Doors So Cheap?

Our replacement doors are more affordable because we manufacture them in our workshop instead of sourcing them from another company.

This means we can keep our prices down and put money back into your pocket.

How Hard is it to Replace Kitchen Doors?

Replacing a kitchen door is really straightforward.

All you have to do is unscrew your existing door and hinges, then, using our pilot hole, which we have already drilled, attach your new hinges and fasten them back onto the kitchen unit.

A competent DIY'er could easily do it, or it would be a very simple job for a handyman, joiner or kitchen fitter.

Do JMT Supply Hinges and Handles for Replacement Doors?

Yes, hinges are optional. However, we do recommend replacing them both so that your door fits better to the existing cabinet whilst keeping in theme with the look of your kitchen.

What Size Do the Kitchen Door Replacements Come In?

We offer a range of standard sizes.

You can check these out by heading to our replacement door section on our website.

We can also make custom doors and sizes.

Can You Deliver Anywhere in the UK?

Yes, we can happily deliver nationwide to anywhere in the UK.

Do You Sell Cheap Replacement Drawer Fronts for Kitchen Units?

Yes, we can easily manufacture and supply any style of door front for any size kitchen, and at the cheapest prices  you will find.

Is it Worth Just Replacing the Doors in a Kitchen?


We understand that buying a new kitchen can be expensive and is not always necessary.

Your kitchen carcasses may be in perfect condition, so there’s no need to rip them out.

However, your doors may look a little tired and worn.

So by replacing the doors, not only are you giving your kitchen a new lease of life, but you’re also potentially adding another 5-10 years of enjoyment to your kitchen.

Do You Sell Kitchen Door Replacements in Bespoke Sizes?

Because we manufacture everything in-house, we can make bespoke replacement doors.

If you need any help with this, please feel free to call us on 01228 791909, and we will be happy to assist you.

Can You Match the Color of My Current Kitchen?

We will always try our best to match the current colour.

But if we are unable to get an exact match, we can then give you a colour that ties in nicely with your existing kitchen colour to make your cabinets really pop.

Do you Offer Different Styles and Designs of Doors?

Yes, we offer a standard finish such as shaker oak or shaker ash painted. We also have our own range of Netherby and Netherby Premium.

I Need More Help, What Should I Do?

Please feel free to give us a call on: 01228 791909
If you prefer, you can email us at: sales@jmttradeltd.co.uk
Or click this link to use our inquiry form: Click here for the inquiry form…