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Kaiser Appliances

Experience the Ultimate in Kitchen Appliances with Kaiser

Are you searching for a kitchen appliance brand that delivers the perfect combination of innovative design, outstanding engineering, and award-winning performance?

Discover Kaiser, the German kitchen appliance brand established in 1995 by engineer Andrei Friedmann.  Kaiser kitchen appliances have gained global recognition for their excellence, winning the prestigious German Design Award 3 years in a row.

Their journey began designing and building high-quality range cookers, but have since then expanded their range including: touch-gesture controlled cooker hoods, air fryers, built-in ovens, and touch-controlled modern kitchen appliances with TFT screens.

Every Kaiser kitchen appliance is meticulously designed to provide the ideal cooking solution for your dream kitchen. Their commitment is to stay ahead of worldwide innovations ensuring that all their models are constantly evolving, bringing you the latest in cutting-edge technology.

As a smaller manufacturer, they're able to take bolder risks in product innovation, resulting in unique and stunning kitchen appliances that no other manufacturer would dare to produce at a price that is affordable.

Don't miss out on experiencing the Kaiser difference for yourself! Explore their award-winning collection of kitchen appliances, including affordable kitchen appliances with premium quality. 

So why not join the growing list of satisfied customers around the world today and buy a Kaiser appliance for your dream kitchen. 

Features and Benefits of Kaiser Kitchen Appliances:

  • Touch-gesture controlled cooker hoods and touch-controlled appliances with TFT screens
  • Effortless control and modern design for a seamless and intuitive cooking experience
  • Avantgarde PRO kitchen appliance range
  • Exclusive range designed for modern kitchens, elevating your kitchen's style Patented Liftglas EH 6000
  • Incredibly strong and versatile oven with 14 cooking functions and infrared heat on all sides for superior cooking performance and durability
  • German Design Award winner 3 years in a row
  • Recognised excellence in design and functionality, giving you confidence in choosing Kaiser kitchen appliance

Browse our range of kitchen appliances, including air fryers and range cookers, today and discover why Kaiser is the ultimate choice for those who demand perfection in their kitchen.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What popular appliances do Kaiser make?

Kaiser offers a wide range of popular kitchen appliances, including touch-gesture controlled cooker hoods, air fryers, built-in ovens, and touch-controlled appliances with TFT screens. They also specialise in high-quality range cookers and the Avantgarde PRO kitchen appliance range.

What styles do Kaiser appliances come in?

Kaiser appliances come in a variety of styles, from modern and contemporary designs in the Avantgarde PRO kitchen appliance range to more classic and traditional styles. Kaiser focuses on creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing appliances that complement any kitchen design.

What colours do they come in?

Kaiser offers three main colours, white (ivory) black, and Bordeaux red. Kaiser also offers a nice clean stainless steel finish to help suit different tastes and kitchen designs. Kaiser aims to provide appliances that cater to various preferences and styles.


Why are these appliances so cheap?

Kaiser offers affordable kitchen appliances without compromising on quality, performance, or design. As a smaller manufacturer, they can take bigger risks in product innovation, resulting in unique and stunning kitchen appliances at competitive prices.


Can you deliver these appliances anywhere in the UK?

Yes we can deliver nationwide.